A cartoon show that didn't get the recognition it deserved. Spiderman Unlimited featuring Spiderman in a whole new costume made out of trillions of little nano-bots that are released from a wrist-worn device dubbed the "Spider Morpher" Which was created by Reed Richards and was stolen by Peter Parker on his quest to save John Jameson from a hostile Counter-Earth. The Morpher was never keyed in history and no one ever seemed to notice it, even the creators of the show never seemed to care about how much potential it could have. It is probably the first cartoon wrist-worn morpher in history back in 1999. The Morpher is very detailed and has many features, It is worn around Peter Parkers wrist at all times (There are some moments in the show when he doesn't have it on, but reappears soon after.) It is grey or silver, it is somewhat rectangular in shape and has a circle in the middle on it and has two red rectangles on it. When Peter presses a button on it's side, a hatch opens and the nano-bots are released which cover his body and clothes, whatever he is wearing in seconds and once each body part is finished covering, it gives a short light burst until it finally covers up his face. The suit has many different functions like the classic webshooters are now changed to better suit him, which can change shape into different things like a webbing bomb which covers up the opponent, invisibility, firing weapon like darts, infrared and augmented vision, along with a sonic weapon against symbiotes, and many more gadgets. thumb|500px|right|Peter Parker transforms into Spiderman in Episode 4thumb|500px|right|Peter Parker transforms into his nano-suit in Episode 5. (Best morph in my opinion.)

Images of his "Spider Morpher"